Staycation in Phoenix, AZ

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Relaxing at home can be a fun thing to do during a staycation but so can going out seeing local attractions. With a place as vibrant and exciting as Phoenix, AZ there is so much to do. There’s no need to stay indoors when you can get into so much fun around town. Make your way to places like Echo Canyon and have a good time walking this beautiful trail. Take in the wonderful scenic views, admire the local wildlife, and get some fresh air. This Phoenix attraction is known for being a good workout and is a great place if you’re looking to be active during your staycation.  


Hike up this amazing trail and feel accomplished when you get to the top and take photos. Be sure to bring plenty of water when you go, along with sunscreen, and comfortable shoes. It’s also best to do this hike early as there isn’t much shelter from the sun during your hike. Echo Canyon is a great place to visit if you’re looking to do more than just hangout during your staycation. You’ll feel so accomplished and productive after you’ve done your hike at this wonderful canyon. Make this adventure apart of your exciting staycation.



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