Summer Events in Phoenix, AZ

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Get your summer started right with fun events around Phoenix, AZ. Summer is the best time to try new things and to take part in exciting social events. There is an unlimited amount to get into this summer and something for people of every kind of interest. Papago Archery is having a fun Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda Fun Shoot you just have to be a part of. If you’re a gamer, Zelda fan, do archery, or just want to have a good time you’ll love being a part of this exciting gathering. Bring some friends with you and create a team, or come and meet some new people.


Together you and your team will bring the Zelda game to life, as you try to reach death mountain navigating the dungeon map. Take your archery skills to new heights as you experience a once in a lifetime adventure. Simply participating is enough to win you a prize, but if you’re one the best teams out there you can have the first pick of the great prizes they offer. Sign up to be a member of Papago Archery and take part in this fantastic event. It’s an exciting good time for all who come. Get your summer going with all the fun Phoenix has to offer!

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